Your Internet Marketing Business Needs A Solid Foundation

An elderly plumber was getting near ready to retire. He informed the building contractor he worked with for many years that he was getting ready to retire and wanted to spend more time with his wife and family. While building houses was great money, he really needed retirement now and they had enough savings to live comfortably.solid business foundation

His boss was really sorry to see him go since he always did excellent work. The boss asked him if he would stay around long enough to help build one more house. The plumber agreed. The boss noticed that his employee was not really into what he was doing anymore. The boss noticed that while he showed up for work everyday, his work was not like it used to be, his workmanship was poor and he was not using the best materials. It was kind of a negative way to end his long career.

After the house was completed, the boss came to inspect it, the boss handed the front door keys to the plumber and said, “Here, this is my gift to you, this is now your house”.

The plumber was really surprised and felt bad. If he had any idea that this was going to be his house, he would have done much better work.

Are You An Affiliate Looking For Success?

We can equate this with many who join affiliate marketing programs and want to try creating income at home.
There are those affiliates who join a program and believe that it will all be done for them. They seldom earn anything, get frustrated and quit.

There are those also that jump from affiliate program to affiliate program. I call them “froggers”. Every time they see some hype that sounds better than the last program they joined, they jump right on it and leave the last program. As a result, they never make money in any affiliate program. Plus any members that they might have convinced to join with them are left out in the cold, looking for someone else to adopt them as their sponsor.

Work At It Consistently!

Then there are those that work at it everyday and are building a steady income. They concentrate on learning from those who are successful with their online businesses. They create a business plan and have goals that will lead them to success.

Who would you like to work with in building your home business. The one who shoots for excellence everyday or the one that has shoddy work habits.

In order to make money as an affiliate of any business, a strong foundation is critical. Create your business plan, lay out the steps you need to take complete your goals, get involved with others with the same excellent work ethics and those who are on the road to success.

There is only one person that determines your success as an affiliate — YOU.

Wish you the best of success!
Joe Reinbold
Proud member of Wealthy Affiliate

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