WP Tweet Machine 2.0 Review 2016 – Does it work?

WP Tweet Machine 2.0

Name: WP Tweet Machine 2.0
Website: www.wptweetmachine.com
Price: Single Site License $17.00 ~~ Unlimited Site License $19.23
Owner/Creator: Ankur Shukla & Dan Green
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100
Who can use it: New Entrepreneurs to the Experienced

This is a review of WP Tweet Machine 2.0 created by Ankur Shukla. If you are like me, I am involved in a lot of activities in conducting my online businesses. Because of that fact, I have not been using social media like I should to promote my product and services. Between blogging, writing content, publishing a newsletter running an autoresponder service and promoting affiliate programs, there is not much time left in the day.

But I am well aware of the necessity to use social media if you want to be a success online.

An Introduction To WP Tweet Machine 2.0

Recently a business associate referred me to a product by Ankur Shukla called WP Tweet Machine 2.0. When I first looked at I said to myself, it’s for Twitter, do I reallyShuklahave time to do this. I joined Twitter about seven years ago, but never did anything to try and build a following. And I know that you really can’t promote anything effectively on Twitter before you have a good sized following. Here is what my twitter account stats looked like on December 18, 2016:

Not too good considering I have had the account since June of 2009. During that period I sent out only 89 Tweets.

So, I now wanted to see if everything I read about WP Tweet Machine 2.0 was the real thing and whether it would build my Twitter base automatically. Now I am an old timer who has been involved in online business for over twenty years and it takes a while for me to change my ways and get into some of these new fields of technology. If you don’t believe me, consider this… I am still using a flip phone and recently I bought three extra ones since they were on sale for only $2.99 in case my existing one gets worn out.

One of the main advantages I saw in WP Tweet Machine was that it did the things that I really did not have time to do.

WP Tweet Machine 2.0 is a WordPress plugin. It is not a software program that you have to install on your computer. Once you download the zip file, you load it into your WordPress plugins and activate it. Now sometimes I am a technological dummy but it only took me about 35 to 45 minutes to set it up and get it working. And what I liked about the plugin is the fact that the training videos are built right into the plugin, so you do not have to go to a site for the training.

So How Did It Work?

Here are my Twitter stats as shown today, December 26, 2016:

It has been running for a full eight days, as of the day I am writing this review. During that eight days I have increased my tweets by 220, those I am following by 396, increased my followers by 312 and now have 401 more likes than when I started it eight days ago. To me that is pretty impressive considering that my involvement was minimal, actually almost no involvement. And I am sure if you check my Twitter page here today, the numbers will have grown even more since I wrote this review.

I would also like to note that the plugin has different levels you can set for how active you want each process to be. Well I set it at the lower end since I wanted to see how it worked and if it did well, I would increase it, which would result in more activity in each category.

So I was sold on it. What also has sold me on it was the price. You can purchase a single site license for $17.00 or for only an additional $2.23, more you can purchase an unlimited site license for only $19.23. I spent the $19.23 since I can use it on a number of sites that I have and I am considering opening additional Twitter accounts. So the unlimited site license was well worth it.

What are the Advantages of WP Twitter Machine 2.0?

– You can put it on 100% Autopilot
– You can set it up easily and quickly
– It is a WordPress plugin that is easily activated
– It is friendly to all levels of experience
– You can get 100% real targeted followers
– It can be used in any niche
– Posts content to Twitter accounts automatically
– It is a great time saver
– It has built in video training

This plugin automatically finds relevant content from YouTube, images and RSS feeds and tweets them for you. It also does automatic retweets and follows for you. These processes are very cool because it is all done automatically for you. But Ankur and Dan added a totally new feature in 2.0 that makes it twice as cool. They added in the ability for you to capture emails and add them to your list with the simple push of a button. This process works similar to logging in with Facebook where people can simply click a button in your tweet and then you or your autoresponder will receive their email address.

Are there any Disadvantages?

I really could not find any real disadvantages. As far as I am concerned, it works. Since I started running the software, all my Twitter stats have increased and I have had increased traffic at all my web sites. And I do not see the price being a disadvantage either for what you are getting.

Is WP Tweet Machine 2.0 For Everyone?

It is advantageous to all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs, from the brand new entrepreneur to the experienced successful business owner who wants to scale it to a whole new level. So in a word, EVERYONE. All levels of expertise, any age, any country. It is for everyone who wants to build an increased presence on Twitter.

My Personal Recommendation And Verdict

It should be clear that WP Tweet Machine 2.0 is a winner.

It is not only completely legit but it should be the choice for anyone who is looking to grow their online business.

My Verdict – I can honestly totally recommend WP Tweet Machine 2.0 to you. I give it five star rating

So the bottom line is if you want to build your Twitter presence quickly and on auto pilot. Just click on the image below.


Thanks for reading my review and I wish you the best of success in your endeavors.

Joe Reinbold


  1. Great article!

    Especially for someone like me, I don’t use twitter at all.

    I have an account, but just like you I don’t do much tweeting.

    This product looks like a good low-cost tool I could possibly benefit from using.

    Thanks for sharing this review of WP Tweet Machine 2.0!

    • Hi Dathanmas, Thanks for your comments. I found it helped me with my Twitter account very much and I getting a lot of traffic now as a result. I am sure that you would benefit from it. Have a great 2017. Joe

  2. This looks very useful. I have to say that this is still a bit confusing about how it actually works, but the price is such that it seems a worth while to try it out. Personally I don’t use twitter anymore, but with the help of something like this it might be viable again. This might be something I actually try out. Thanks JR!

    • Hi, thanks for visiting and for your comments. The built in videos take you through each step and if you have a problem, the owners will respond to questions normally within 24 hours. Hope it helps you. Wish you the best of success and a very prosperous 2017. Joe

  3. Thanks for reviewing this. I’ve been wondering about my twitter account and how it can help me in my business. This will be something I will try to see if it works for me. By the way do you know other similar program that is legit and as effective that I can explore its usage?

    • Hi ht, thanks for your comments. I have seen a real increase in traffic to my sites and my twitter account keeps building everyday. I have not looked at any other similar programs since this one was referred to me by someone that I have been associated with for a number of years and he has been using it successfully. Plus as I indicated in the review, the price is great and it is pretty simple to use. Thanks again for visiting my site and have a great New Year. Joe

  4. Hi Joe, WP Tweet 2.0 sounds like a very good plugin for someone like myself to have also. I’m like you, I haven’t used social media to my advantage but this sounds like a great way to integrate twitter. Can you tell me, do you do any tweets outside of the plugin and if you does that interfere with the way the plugin works on your site? thanks for the great review!

    • Hi Horace, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. I generally do three or four tweets a day manually as well as retweeting when I see something I really like, it does not interfere with the plug in. You can just go to your twitter account and tweet just like you normally do. Thanks again and have a healthy and prosperous 2017.


  5. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for this review. I’ve not been using my twitter for a couple of years. This sounds like something I could use, just like you I haven’t been using my social media either and this could be very helpful for me.

    I appreciate you sharing this review.

    • Hi Rosa, thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. Yes it sounds like you are in the same situation I was in not using it. But it is really taking off now and I am getting some results from it. Wish you the best of success and a very prosperous 2017. Joe

  6. Do you have to have them post on your blog too? I would not mind them posting to Twitter but not sure I want them posting on the blog.

    • Hi Chris, Sorry about that, I did not get the normal email that I get when a comment is left. The software only posts on your twitter account not on your blog. Whenever I do a new article on my blog, I enter it on twitter manually. Hope that helps. Joe

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