Working At Home Online. Is It For You?

working at home online

Several years ago my wife worked at home doing typing for various local companies. While this was not actually working at home online, it shows that working at home is nothing new. There are plenty of people who work at home and have for years. For instance, you have chefs running catering businesses from home, secretarial work is done at home, there are probably thousands of people running day care centers from their home and even some of the major computer firms were started in the owners garage.

So it is nothing new. But with the ease and availability of Internet service, working at home online has become a way of life.

Today there are a multitude of ways you can work at home. All you really need is a computer, Internet access and a telephone. What home does not have those today?

What Type Of Work Lends Itself To Be Done At Home?


As indicated above, there are all kinds of businesses that can be conducted at home. But lets talk some about working at home online. One of the big ones is customer service. There are small businesses as well as corporations that hire customer service representatives to work from their home. There is no reason why these reps have to work at the business location. They can answer calls and resolve problems right from home. How many times have you called a customer support number yourself. And in most instances you couldn’t tell where they were located, here in the U.S. or in another country.

The company can save on renting office space, computers and other equipment. And these companies probably are able to save on employee benefits since in many cases the home based reps are normally independent contractors.

I mentioned earlier that my wife had worked at home doing typing for local companies. She picked up the work or they dropped it off at the house. I guess in today’s tech world she might have been called a virtual assistant. These VAs as they are called are hired to provide all kinds of administrative work and other clerical type support and they complete these responsibilities at home. In many cases they receive their assignments by email and return the completed work the same way.

There are similar type jobs that are completed by working at home online. Some of these are data entry jobs and medical transcription services. Many of these jobs, including virtual assistants can be found online by simply doing a search for them. I have one strong piece of advice in this area. Make sure that you check them out completely.

When you are searching for a company that offers work at home, look for online complaints and fraud reports when checking these offers. Many of the companies offering these types of services have been known to sell you worthless manuals, reports and/or ebooks with information that is old and non-existent.

What Kind Of Experience Might You Need?


If you have a specific skill or experience, you can concentrate your research in that area and have a step up on others. For instance if you have secretarial experience, you could be successful with jobs in several of the above areas. If you have computer experience, you could have an advantage in the Virtual Assistant field or in the customer service area or both.

Many traditional companies today offer their current employees the option of working at home several days a week. These type jobs can be advantageous to employees who have young children. Having this advantage can also give you some experience that you can turn into actually working full time at home through the Internet should you leave your current company or retire.

Whatever your experience level, a lot, little or none, there are online resources available to get you trained and on your way to success.

Other Options Available for Working At Home Online


There is also the option, which many home based entrepreneurs are opting for, of starting your own home based business. Maybe you have a hobby that you are passionate about and it could become an income stream for you. You can take just about any interest, research the plausibility of its income potential and develop it into a lucrative home based business.

Yes there may be a learning curve to starting your own online business, as there is in any new endeavor. But if you are looking for someplace that you can start the learning process and build your income at the same time, I can highly recommend a place to start. I am a member of this community, and even with my twenty some years of working online, I am still learning. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been helping new online entrepreneurs for over ten years. You can become a member of the community for free, no credit card required, and take a look around. For your free membership you receive two websites, hosting and training that can quickly shorten your learning curve. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of over 500,000 members who aggressively assist other members when they have questions or need help.

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Have a great day and I wish you the best of success.
Joe Reinbold

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