Online Activities To Stay Away From!

There are a number of online activities and/or business programs that I will not get involved in. I base my decisions on over 20 years of experience working online and my career as an investigator before my online life. I am not saying that these activities are outright scams although some of them may be close. I am saying that based on my experience, I personally stay away from promoting these type activities because they look and sound very businesses to stay away from

If you are considering getting involved in any of these then I would take a very careful look at them, researching and finding out if in fact they might be questionable or valid offers. You should do this research before investing any of your hard earned money based on hype that could lose you all your money.

OK, lets look at some of the type things I will not get involved with…

Pay To Click (PTC) Sites:

These sites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers. The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement. There are hundreds of these sites around the world. Many of them are pure scams and do not stay around too long. When you look at them you can usually tell the bad ones because they have no forum in their site set up, they advertise that they pay more than 0.01 cents per click, there is no specific contact information such as who the owners are and where they are located and you usually find complaints that they do not pay out as advertised.
Many of these sites sell a lot of dreams of getting rich and a promise of high earnings. Do your homework before you join. The only good one that I know of is Clixsense which has been around since about 2008.

Gifting Programs:

These type sites have been around for years although I have seen a drop off in recent years. They were originally done by snail mail where you gift one person x amount of dollars and you could expect gifts of like amounts from others involved. They always involved sending cash or money orders rather than checks. When they were done through snail mail, the postal authorities cracked down on them since they were almost like chain letters.

Cycler Programs:

These are programs where you complete a matrix and you and your down line are automatically paid into another matrix with part of the profit you make. These are just money games. Many of them say you do not have to promote or sign up others in order to make money. But if you do not sign up people under you there is a good chance you will never fill you matrix and get paid anything. I have seen these with entry fees of $5 to $100.

Programs that Promise You Spillover:

This process is normally associated with network marketing programs. It basically means that your personal levels in your matrix can be filled by those above you because there are only so many positions in each level. When a level above you is filled, then new signups are automatically placed in vacant positions lower in the matrix. The ones that usually get the advantage of spillover are those who get in early since as the company matrix fills the lower levels get larger and larger.
There are some headlines that should be an immediate alert and start flashing red when you see them. For instance ( these are from subjects of emails that I have actually received…

Start earning in less than 30 minutes
100 Guaranteed Signups to your ANY URL
NO BULL…We will PUT 1 Million Members Under You!
Turn $1O into $64,OOO Per Month!

I could go on and on with examples of some the hype used to sucker people into spending their money but I am going to stop here. My bottom line recommendation is, do your research and do not fall for the hype out there. As they say… If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Wish you the best of success.
Joe Reinbold
Proud Member of Wealthy Affiliate

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