Make More Affiliate Sales By Giving Away Free Stuff!

give away free stuff
Can You Make More Affiliate Sales By Giving Away Free Stuff? Yes! It actually does work.

If you have your website up and running and/or you are getting ready to start promoting your affiliate offers, you can add one more technique to your sales approach that may dramatically increase your sales and build yourself a bigger list.

The technique that I am talking about is giving away free stuff as an enticement to sign up to your list.

Maybe this sounds a little strange to you if you are new to affiliate marketing. Ask yourself if you have ever submitted your name and email address to an online form in order to obtain a free report or ebook. I am sure that if you have been surfing around the Internet for any length of time you have done it.

Your sales can increase dramatically if you have the mindset that giving away free stuff is important for building your business. There is no better way for any business, regardless of what niche it is in, to capture the attention of a potential customer or prospect than to offer them something for free. If you want the customers to take note of your site and sign up for things like updates and newsletters you can offer them a free product and they will be much more receptive to the idea of putting their name and email in the optin box on your website. Customers tend to have a better memory of a website where they received a free product or bonus. When you give these away you are creating better customer relations, building your customer base, increasing interest in your own site and getting your name into the public eye.

But I don’t have any free products to give away.

Yes, that is the position that many new entrepreneurs are in when they are starting out. I was in the same situation when I started. There are only a couple of ways to solve that problem. If you are creative enough you can write a free report or ebook about the niche or product you are promoting. Another option is to buy a ebook or report from someone and re-brand it as your own. The cost to purchase something like this is normally very inexpensive. A third option could be to obtain a product at no cost and then give it away. I recently found an ideal way to create a free giveaway that I could use to build my affiliate marketing list.

I became aware of an offer that solved the problem of not having a product to give away. This offer included two free “cash kits”. These two “cash kits”, which covered two distinct topics included the following:

Re-brandable PDF reports – Each kit included a separate report, actually more like an ebook. I was able to re-brand them in minutes with my affiliate links, download the reports and they were ready to give away.

Each kit included a professional-looking squeeze page and thank you/download HTML page templates. They were ready-to-go – just edit with your name, links and upload.

Each included a set of Copy ‘n’ Paste Follow-Up emails. You just had to edit by adding your name and affiliate links. You can definitely edit these and add them to an autoresponder so that you can follow up. On the first kit I set up, there were 7 follow up emails. You can re-write these however you want. You can add in affiliate links for other products that you might be promoting. If you like, sign up for the free report in the next paragraph below and you will receive a thank you email and six follow up emails each two days apart. That is how I set it up but you can set it up however you want. If you keep copies of the emails, you could get an idea on how to set them up. You also need an autoresponder in order to set it up properly. If you need one, my service at is available for only $24.95 a years and you get unlimited autoresponders.

In addition to the above kit packages, there was also video training included to show you how to set things up. The whole process was very simple and I had my first site up and running in a couple of hours. Here is the first site I set up Affiliate Money Secret.

These two kits will cost you nothing, they are completely free and if you are interested in taking advantage of the offer you can go here to Turnkey Cash Kits and download them.

One additional note about these great kits, there are a couple of upgrades that you can get that will cost you a couple of dollars. There are a total of five kits available. You receive the two kits free and the first upgrade gives you the other three. It is very inexpensive and I definitely picked it up since I could use them for other free giveaways. But you do not need the other three in order to use the two free ones. So it is up to you.

If you have been looking for a good way to increase customer interest in your site, free promotional giveaways are a great way to accomplish this. You can choose what it is that you will give away and then figure out a fun way to advertise the bonus which will guarantee that the customer spends a little more time at your site before they can claim their bonus.

On a personal note, within an hour of putting a short tweet about the free report on my Twitter account, I had my first download. Now remember, when you re-brand the free report with your affiliate links, any sales from those links can result in a sales commission for you. And the customer has downloaded your free report, so he or she can look at it and possibly purchase at any time.

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Wish you the best of success in your endeavors.
Joe Reinbold
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  1. this is something I have been racking my brain over. I am one of those people you talk about that don’t have anything to give away, at least till I ran across your post. Very good information, and I am going to look more into doing this. Thank you for this great information.

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for visiting and for your comments. Glad I could be of help and I hope that you can use the info. Have a great day and I wish you the best of success.


  2. I actually have this problem! I have no content to give away for free to get people to sign up to my email addresses. You mentioned that you used Re-brandable PDF reports? Maybe I missed it but where do you get these? Do you have a link that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me? I’ve bookmarked this page – it’s exactly what I need

    • Hi Martina, thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. You can get two free re-brandable pdf reports at They give you two free ones with the option of purchasing three more (but you do not have to buy them). There are complete instructions on how to rebrand them and you get a squeeze page plus sample emails you can use for follow up. You can see an example of the one that I set up at

      Hope that helps. Wish you the best of success.


  3. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the tip, I am not quite at the stage where I’m ready to think about giveaways, but was just wondering if you had used any other material/tools to generate interest and build up your customer base? I will definitely make a note of this suggestion though…

    • Hi Simon, thanks for your comments. Glad I could help. I have always had some type of free report or advertising freebie in order to get subscribers, it is the best way to handle it and once you have it set up there is not much to do. Even though you may not need it right now I would suggest you go get the two free kits and keep them for the future. I don’t know how long Stuart will be keeping that offer open. You can get them here:

      Wish you the best of success.


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more about giving away free stuff to entice your customers to sign up for you list. One time at my father’s restaurant we gave away a gas grill for the anniversary and we had over 2,000 people register to win it! That was my best one yet.

    I am trying the same practice with my websites but it is a little slower start. Hopefully with more traffic it will continue to grow.

  5. You are correct, people like free stuff, a lot of times, no matter what it is. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I would definitely be more interested in signing up for a newsletter, or what have you, if there is a freebie for doing so. You can always opt out later, but a lot of people don’t. Anything extra you can offer, is value added. Even if it doesn’t cost you anything, you still gave somebody something for free. Good advice to follow. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Steve & Kris, thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. You are right, people love free stuff and it is a good way to add value. Wish you the best of success in your endeavors.


  6. Great post Joe, I know building up your email list is very important in affiliate marketing and I have every intention of doing so once I start seeing some income being generated from my site. The only thing is that I knew that it’s best to giveaway a free product to entice the visitor to sign up but I had nothing to give.

    But after rading this I can now see a way around it, I’ll make to have a look out for some free products on other sites that I could re-market or ar least use as a template.

    • Hi Lyle, thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it. I have used one resource that has worked out for me where you can get a couple for free rebrandable pdf reports. You can check it out here: The reports are really free and you can set them up whenever you want. Wish you the best of success. Joe

  7. Hi Joe,

    This is an easy way to generate sales. People gobble up freebies on the front end, increasing your exposure.

    As of this comment, I give away one of my Amazon eBooks for free every Friday. Simple way to boost my exposure on Amazon and to help my readers see the other 123 eBooks I offer on the platform 😉

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Signing off from Thailand.


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