How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

how to succeed with affiliate marketing

Many entrepreneurs today want to know one thing, how to succeed with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the major aspects of doing business online and creating income working at home. And why not? You are your own boss, you set your priorities and the training necessary to succeed is abundant online.

In my opinion there are several qualities that you need to succeed if you are going to make a go of it in the affiliate marketing arena.

1. Affiliate Marketing Training

One of the first things you need if affiliate marketing is new to you is to get some training. You need not only the desire to learn all you need to know but also you have to accept that you need to be trained in order to succeed. You will find that if you are new to this subject, there will probably be a large learning curve. But that is true of any new career or occupation.

It can be a little tough or frustrating when you need to digest a lot of new information when you are unfamiliar with an area. What you really need to do is to focus on your goal, that being to get trained, and make sure you maintain a positive frame of mind. Remember, there is no need to re-invent the wheel, affiliate marketing is one of the proven aspects of building a business online. There are a multitude of resources online. One that I have been a member of is Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training and business building community that has been around for over ten years. I recommend that you take a look at it.

2. Willingness To Invest In Your Business

Hopefully you are not one who expects that you are going to get rich overnight by starting a business online. If you are, you should probably stay offline and stick to the 9 to 5 grind. There are no get rich schemes where you will make thousands by next week, regardless of all the hyped up emails or web sites you see. I know that for a fact. I have been doing business online for over 20 years, and have tried many of them without success.

So you need to have the strength to persevere and devote the necessary time and resources to build your business, even though you do not see immediate results. I have written a number of articles regarding starting a home business and I invite you to visit my site at Creating Income At Home, which is devoted to helping those wanting to start a home business online.

3. Discipline In Order To Stay The Course

It is very important to be disciplined and to set yourself some goals to attain. Working at home is not the easiest thing to do. You do not have boundaries like you have in the normal nine to five job. Like certain times for breaks or lunch and bosses hovering over you to make sure you do the job and adhere to the job requirements.
Plus it can be lonely if you are working by yourself.

So you need to have the self discipline to set short and long term goals and create a business plan on how you are going to attain those goals. It can be so easy to say, I am tired today so I will catch up tomorrow. It is probably okay to do that when you have a successful self running business, but when you are in the initial building stages of that business, laxity can cause you to fail.

4. A Positive Attitude

As in any endeavor you need to have a positive attitude and outlook for the business you are building for your self. Sure you may have down times when things are not going well, but it is important that you maintain a positive attitude and optimism. Show those around you that you are going to do this, you are going to make life easier for you, your family and/or significant others. Take the lead, concentrate on your goals and success will follow.

Final Thoughts On How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

If you consider the tips I have mentioned above, you can be on your way to a new way of life, one that you control. And remember, I mentioned that you do not have to re-invent the wheel, besides the training that you obtain, get to know the experienced people in the industry and try to find yourself a mentor. Keep your eyes and ears open and observe what others have done and are doing to be successful.

Wish you the best of success in your endeavors.
Joe Reinbold
Proud Member of Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. It seems that everywhere I search, there’s someone promoting some kind of affiliate training. I used to think that you can grab the affiliate links and start promoting. Obviously, that doesn’t seems to be the case.

    How do I choose which training/program to follow? How do I know that they will work for me? Thank you for your advice.

    • Hi Cathy,

      You are so right. There are all kinds of training out there and it does get difficult to decide on the one that is right for you. You are also correct that you can just grab affiliate links and start promoting. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to promote and be successful doing it. One of the basics is knowing how use websites, email marketing and search engines to get visitors and prospects to your offer.

      I have been working online for over 20 years and have seen businesses come and go. While for the most part I am self taught, there are still things I look for training on. Plus the Internet continually changes as do the processes of doing business online. One of the things that I have looked for in getting training is a business that has been around for awhile, has the ability to earn while you train and has a great community.

      I found that in Wealthy Affiliate. It has been around for over ten years, it has the ability to earn while you earn and the member community of over 500,000 is readily available to help and support you. What makes it even greater is that you can join for free, no credit card asked for, and you even get to build two free websites which includes hosting and training. I did a review recently and you can take a look at it here:

      My point here is that if you are not sure which program you want to go with, you can take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive and it will not cost you anything.

      Thanks for visiting my site and I wish you the best success.


  2. Thank you for an informative and useful post. I am looking into affiliate marketing and wondered what I need to do make this work for me.

    I do struggle with goals so this is something that I need to sit down and think about. And also stick to.

    I myself always try to stick with something once I start something. I do fear though that if this does not work for me whether I should continue. Can you give me any words of encouragement here?

    • Hi Owain, thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. One of the most difficult areas I have seen over the years is a lot of potential entrepreneurs just get frustrated when things don’t come together right away. And I see that you understand that, which is great. As long as you do the necessary research for yourself in finding the right area you want to develop as your business and focus on it, you should not have a problem. Yes goals are important but I thing they should be attainable. I see a lot of goals posted that to me are not very attainable in the short run. For instance, a goal of wanting to make $10,000 a month in the six months. Is that really possible for someone just entering the online arena. It is great for a long term goal, but maybe a shorter term goal would be better, one that you could really see being accomplished in six months.

      I wish you the best of success. Joe

  3. Nice one Joe!

    Indeed, affiliate marketing is not easy. To succeed in it, one has to follow some core principles as outlined in this post. We’ll have to be willing to learn, invest in ourselves, think positively and not give up.

    Giving up is definitely the number 1 killer of affiliate marketers. Stay the course and keep it up. That’s the only way to succeed.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comments I really appreciate them. Your point is well taken, You are right, it is not easy but it is attainable if you keep focused and don’t get frustrated. Wish you success in your endeavors.


  4. I agree with your points, working online isn’t for everyone, it takes time and follow through. I have found that I have invested a lot of time and enjoy looking back and seeing how far I have come, I am no where near 20 years which I find very impressive!
    Thank you for pointing out how much of this is mental attitude and not giving up.

    • Hey Matthew,

      Thanks for your visit to my site and for your nice comments. Over my 20 years I have had those moments where I might have quit but like you say a lot of it is mental attitude and not giving up. And now I am soooo glad I never gave up.

      Wish you the best.


  5. You make some great points about how to succeed with affiliate marketing. And every point you make is essential.

    I wish more people could see the incredible opportunity the internet has given them. Now, anyone who can operate a computer can earn as much as any professional, without going to college and without going into debt.

    The internet is the gold rush of our time.

    The two factors that dramatically increased my success was commitment and accepting that success takes as long as it takes. Once I saw the phenomenal earning potential of affiliate marketing I was not going to let anything stop me.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for you comments, I really appreciate them. You are so correct. The Internet is the gold rush of our time and it does take commitment and the understanding that it does take time like in any endeavor. But the potential is great.

      It sounds like you are on your way and I with you every success in your endeavors.


  6. Knowing what it takes to do an offline business as most refer to as a brick and mortar company I understand everything you mention in your article.

    There are many similarities between online and offline businesses even though they will have some key differences. You point out some major points that are required to be successful with any form of business.

    For the training required to be successful online is there one place you recommend or does it take a few different places to get involved?

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