Can You Use A Blog To Generate Traffic?

Everyone is always asking how to generate traffic to their web site. And you probably know, if you have been involved in online marketing or trying your best at creating income at home, that there are many ways to generate traffic.generate traffic with a blog

Some of these traffic generation techniques are free, some can cost a pretty penny, some are instant and some can take quite a long time.  By far, one of the best ways you can start to generate traffic for your business is to start your own blog.

A blog is a great way to get traffic because you can use a variety of different methods to promote it. Plus there are loads of free WordPress themes that you can use as the platform for your blog.

Why Use WordPress To Build Your Blog?

WordPress has become the business bloggers platform of choice. Why?

– It is easy to set up
– It is easy to maintain
– There are a multitude of free themes to use to format your blog
– There are many, many WordPress plugins (free) that you can use to customize your blog
– You can use search engine plugins to optimize each of your posts
– You can even get free hosting for your blog, see below
– Through comments and interaction, you create conversation with customers/prospects
– Plus it is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business

Traffic Generation Using WordPress

Because there are many options to automate the functions of your blog, like search engine optimization, it leaves you the time to concentrate on creating great content and not having to worry about getting search engine rankings. If you create great content, people will start linking to your blog and you will start to develop more prospects for your business.

As people start trusting you based on your content you will start getting links to other websites which the search engine really like. You are actually receiving a vote of confidence when others link to your website.

This is really a great way to get more traffic because as others link to your site, they are telling others that you have a great site and you get more visitors.

Blogs Are Great For starting Conversations!

Anybody who is anybody online will ultimately have a blog whether they are a celebrity, politician, business person or an average guy or gal. People love blogs. As people leave comments on your blog, you get to respond and build trust. It feels more personal and it builds repeat traffic.

These are some of the benefits of starting a blog. I mentioned earlier that you can get WordPress themes, plugins and hosting for free. Not only that, you can get training and support for free too! There are not too many places today that you can get the complete package like that.

I am a member of an online community called Wealthy Affiliates which has been around for over 10 years and they offer you two websites, hosting training and support at no cost. You do not even need to furnish a credit card when you signup. It is a great community and a vehicle to start creating income at home. You can visit my link here: Wealthy Affiliate. You can also visit my blog that I built to promote my business at Wealthy Affiliate at

A blog will get you traffic, build relationships and trust plus build your business. The bottom line is that you will start making more money.

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I wish you the best of success.
Joe Reinbold

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