Can You Make Money At Home Without Investing Some? Yes and No!

One of the things that has bothered me over the years has been the belief by many entrepreneurs that you can join a network marketing program for free and that you then can end up creating income at home and make money with it without investing something. Let me ask you this, could you open up a store downtown and pay your employees if you had no sales? Of course not. If you are not bringing in money, then it is difficult to payout any.Making money online

You can join an affiliate program for free and promote products or services and make a commission on each sale. Clickbank, for instance, is one of the biggest resources for selling products or services as an affiliate. But that is what you are doing, selling a product and making a commission on it. If you don’t make sales, you don’t make commissions. There is no residual income on most affiliate products in this situation. If it is a monthly recurring product or service, then it is possible to create residual income.

Network Marketing Team Building

In a network marketing program you are building a business team where you are going to receive residual income every month from your own product sales as well as those from members on your team. In order for the business to work, all affiliates have to purchase products or pay an affiliate fee in order to qualify to receive commissions, that only makes sense. If a company does not get income from products or an affiliate fee, then how is it going to pay anything out. If a network marketing company like Amway or Herbalife does not have distributors/affiliates selling products, how can it stay in business? It can’t!

So when you are considering joining a network marketing company, realize up front that you are going to have to spend a little something. In many cases, potential networkers look at the cost and say, “Wow, I can’t afford that twenty, fifty or one hundred bucks a month”. What they fail to realize is that if you had four or five members join your team which results in you receiving commissions from them every month, maybe your monthly cost will be covered and you might be in profit or on your way to profit.

I want to be clear here, I am not putting down affiliate programs as a good source of income online, I have used them for many years as part of my overall business activities. But I also have to do a lot of paid advertising and emailings as part of my promotions or else I would not have the traffic I have coming to my sites every month.

Some Make Money At Home Programs Can Be Joined For Free

Likewise, look at network marketing programs, many of which you can initially join for free. Yes, you can join for free, but at some time you are going to have to upgrade to a paying member. I am going to repeat myself here, a company cannot pay you commissions if you are not contributing to the funding of the program.

What I am saying is that at some point you are going to have to spend some money. You cannot run a business without spending some. True, you can run an online business for considerably less than one down at the local strip mall but both have one thing in common, they both need prospects/buyers. If you do not have the prospects visiting you web site or your local store, you will not have many sales and you sure will not be in business very long.

Working from home eliminates one of the highest expenses, overhead. Promoting digital products online also eliminates another cost, shipping. Advertising is not eliminated. But online you can reach thousands of people in minutes. For instance, If you had a list of 4,000 plus newsletter subscribers, you could email them all normally within a ten minute period. If I had a store at the mall, that would be pretty unlikely unless I had all my customers on a list that I could email.

You have to treat your endeavor as a business. You need to realize that you are going to have to devote time to it and that you are going to have to spend some dollars on it. This will apply whether you are going to promote affiliate programs, a network marketing business or online services. One fortunate aspect is that an online business endeavor can be much more lucrative in a shorter period of time compared to a conventional offline business.

Bottomline – treat your endeavor as a business, have a simple written plan and goals, work out a budget, commit to devoting the necessary time and make sure you are flexible and make adjustments when necessary.

Wish you the best of success
Joe Reinbold
Proud member of Wealthy Affiliates

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