Building Your In House Mailing List

Building Your In House List

List Building – Should You Build Your Own?


If you read publications or training material, you will almost always be told that building your own list is one of the essential elements you need for your online business to be successful. That is 100% correct. It is not the only thing you need but it is very important.

As you surf the Net, I am sure that a very high percentage of websites that you have visited have had a form requesting your name and email address either to receive a free report or to subscribe to a newsletter. This is one of the processes used to build a list. The form that you see is most likely connected to an autoresponder. This autoresponder takes the name and email address and adds it to a data base. It also immediately sends the new subscriber a request to confirm their email address (this is called confirm optin), and when they confirm their email address through a link in that email, they receive a thank you and/or the information they requested. This process takes minutes and is all done automatically.

Another technique used to build a list is through the use of a landing or capture page. Simply put this is a single web page that is offering free information in most cases, or access to a web site with information they might be interested in. This landing or capture page will have a form section for them to enter their email information. Once they complete that step, the process I described above will occur in most instances. There are some situations where the form may be a simple optin process rather than confirm optin. This means that they are entering their email, going to be added to the list and receive whatever information they are requesting. There would be no confirmation process involved.

So What Should You Consider When Starting To Build Your List.


The first thing to consider are the reasons that you want to start building the list. In today’s world, everyone is on the Internet and as a result, if you are marketing a product or service, this is the place to be. Marketing online is more economic than offline marketing, sales can happen much quicker and you can have continuous contact with your customers. In offline retail, you depend on the customer coming back to the store for subsequent sales, while online you could contact them about sales on a daily basis if necessary.

You also want to build your own list because you know that these individuals are interested in your product or service. If you went out and purchased a list from some list broker, the people on that list have no idea what your business is about or what type products or services you have available. Once you have someone opt in to your list, they are giving you their permission to send them information. This information can be marketing material, a newsletter, promotions and other informational products. I recommend highly that you use a confirm opt in autoresponder service.

Why confirm opt in? In today’s email world, there are millions of emails sent out from all over the world on a daily basis. I know that I get hundreds of them each and every day and I have not given any of them permission to send me their information. This is called unsolicited email or SPAM. There are laws in the US against this type email but it is very difficult to stop it. If you get accused of sending this type email you can lose your autoresponder privileges, your hosting account and Internet service provider. So it really is not worth it.

If you are part of a system that is confirm opt in, the subscriber/prospect is signing up to receive your information, newsletter or free report. And they have to confirm they want the information by clicking on the link in a confirmation email the system sends out. This process protects them, but more so protects you from claims of sending unsolicited email. They could still file a complaint since many people get so much email that they forget what they joined. But in a confirm opt in system the system saves certain information such as their IP address that you could use to prove that they signed up voluntarily. One other thing, autoresponder messages will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, so any time the subscriber wants to opt out of your list, it is easy for them to do.

There are many autoresponder services out there that have various monthly costs and requirements. I can recommend one service that I have used, it is caller MailerLite. You can take a look at it here,

Some Points To Consider


1. The easiest way for you to start building your list is to place a form on the pages of your website. I personally like to put the form on every page of my sites that I can. That way whatever page they visit, they have the option to join the list. It does not have to be a large form and it should be simple in nature. For instance, you might just have a brief statement about your free report or newsletter, spaces for them to enter their name and email address and a subscribe button. I generally request just their first name and email address on the form. Many people will not fill out a form if it asks for too much information. If I have their first name I can personalize any mailing to them in the subject and/or body of the email as Hi Joe or something like that. It will get more emails opened when it is personally addressed. With most autoresponders you can create the necessary form code for your web page in the client are of the service.

2. Make sure that your mailings look very professional when they go out. They can be entirely text or in html. I send most of mine out in text since there are many email services that block html messages when they look like advertisements especially when they contain a lot of large images or photos. I would also not make the messages very lengthly. I see so many emails where the sender has messages that are three pages long and I just never want to read the entire message. If you are recommending or advertising a web site, just give bullets about it and let the web site or sales page do the selling.

3. Do not share or sell your list to anyone. You do not want to lose control of it and you sure do not want somebody else to start spamming your list. It is a sure way to lose subscribers.

If there is any one thing that you want to consider when you start your online business, it should be the option of building your own list. That way you have a list that people have opted in because they are interested in what you have to offer and this makes them a targeted list for your marketing and promotions. For example, if you are marketing making money at home products you want a list of potential customers who are interested in that topic.

Wish you the best of success.
Joe Reinbold


  1. This is a great post on why you need to build an in house mailing list. I had pretty good results doing this at my father’s restaurant.

    He had always used mass media forms of marketing but after reading several books I knew the list was the way to go. We were able to grow our sales by the high single digits and low double digits for over two years before we leveled off once we switched to direct marketing.

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. A lot of entrepreneurs do realize the importance of being able to market continuously to their own list. I can see in out local area that a lot of retail businesses are recognizing the need to use online marketing. Wish you the best for the holidays.


  2. I have heard stories where people have made $10k in one day, just by sending a sales offer to the people on their list. So, yes, I think that list building could be very beneficial to the bottom line of any online business. I would even consider it necessary.
    I have yet to start doing any list building of my own, but it is definitely in the works for the new year. Do you have a preferred autoresponder program? One that’s affordable too? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Christian, thanks for your comments. Appreciate them. You are right, I know several long time online marketers who make thousands each time they send out something to their list. One of them has a list of over 60,000+ subscribers which he has built over several years. He charges over $300 to place an ad in his newsletter and there is always a waiting list. So a list can be very lucrative. As far as an autoresponder system, I can recommend one autoresponder service that I have used, you can take a look at it here,

      Thanks again and have a great holiday and a very prosperous 2017.


  3. I really need to focus on email marketing in the coming year and building a list to really get my business growing. I have an opt-in form on my website, the problem is I haven’t really done much with it and the reasoining to get people to sign up hasn’t really taken effect either as I just lost interest in it.

    I think it would be better for me to do just a simple newsletter such as a weekly one as it would be easier for me to maintain and I think I could reach a wider audience than what I had offered before. Thanks very much for posting this as I plan to put much more of an emphasis on building a list in 2017.

    • Hi Brian, appreciate your comments. You could start out publishing a newsletter on a monthly basis and when your list begins building, you can change the schedule to more frequently. Sometimes it is difficult to write posts for a blog and come up with frequent newsletter issues. So a slower approach might work. Also you could make the newsletter have a twofold purpose, primarily a once a month full issue and also use it as an update vehicle where you notify your list with a short mailing letting them know that you just published another post on your site. It would be a way to increase traffic.

      Thanks again for visiting and have a great holiday and a very prosperous 2017.


  4. I’m actually in the process of trying to do this for my website. I also agree it’s very important but I think I need to increase the amount of articles I post a week. I hate constant e-mails from websites but I don’t mind the ones I visit often, I guess these are the visitors that matter the most anyways 🙂

    • Hi Gulsah, thanks for visiting and for your comments. It is good that visitors return to your website. These as you indicate are the ones that matter. These are also the ones that would most likely sign up for a newsletter if you were to publish one. You could start one that goes out once a month. All you need to do it get your self an autoresponder and put up a signup form on each page and you can get your list started.

      Thanks again and have a great holiday and a very prosperous 2017


  5. Hi Joe,
    Really liked your article! I am wanting to start building my email list but I feel like it is not as simple as just purchasing a service. Is there any way for me learn how to use an autoresponder and incorporate it into my website before I decide to buy the full product? Maybe you have written an article about it?
    Again thank you for your help.

    • Hi Owen, thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. There is some things that you need to do when setting up an autoresponder. I did write a training lesson about it and you can read it at:

      Most of the autoresponder services have training available with their service. I can recommend one service I have used: Thanks again and I wish you happy holidays and a very prosperous 2017.


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